Tune-up Service for Slow Computers

Computers tend to get 'clogged up' over their life as they are used for a variety of tasks and redundant programs are not removed - this is no reason to replace it!  The main cause of this is badly designing programs which install unnecessary components, along with malicious programs making their way onto your computer through the internet and removable media (i.e. memory sticks, cd-roms).

Our tune-up (a.k.a clean-up) services are designed to reverse this process making your computer faster and more reliable.  We will also give you advice on how to keep your computer clean and safe.

Basic Tune-up

This service is designed to significantly improve the operating speed of your computer.  Takes about 45 minutes.

  • Optimise system settings
  • Remove unwanted adverts + error messages
  • Disable unnecessary start-up programs
  • Disable unnecessary windows components
  • Optimise Disk Drive usage

  • Health Check performed
  • Advice on information security and virus protection
  • Advice given on basic computer maintenance
  • Advice on computer life-span
Premium Tune-up

A more in-depth clean-up designed to take your PC back to as new condition.  Takes about 90 minutes.

As Basic Tune-Up with additional: -

  • Complete removal of unnecessary software
  • Complete removal of any stubborn viruses
  • Delete unnecessary files to free disk space
  • Cosmetic clean-up of desktop and menus
  • Unused drivers removed
  • Update of system drivers
  • Install of FREE security software [Antivirus/Spyware/Firewall]

Significant speed increase GUARANTEED

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