Software Recommended by Tao Computer Repair

Here is a list of software which I regularly recommend to customers.  To make this list the software must be Free, Safe, and most importantly Easy to Use.  I use all of these applications on a regular basis and can provise tuition on all of them by request.


Google Chrome is a web browser.  It is Fast, Simple and More Secure than Internet Explorer.

download here


Avast! Free Antivirus is and Effective Antivirus solution that will not slow down your computer, and it's 100% free!

download here


Picasa 3 is a Simple yet Powerfull way of managing, editing and printing your digital photos.  It enables you to make basic corrections to photos without any specialist knowledge.

download here


GMail is a free web-based e-mail service.  Key benefits include: -

  • Unriveled protection against spam e-mail and e-mail viruses.
  • Improved management of e-mails to save you time and keep things simple (threading).
  • Ability to view attachments sent in Word and Excel formats without owning a copy of MS Office.
  • Access your e-mail from any computer and/or use a client like Outlook to read manage it.

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CCleaner allows you to remove unnessesary data and mess form you computer.  Can be used to erase personal data and streamline your computer for better functionality.

download here


MalwareBytes is a usefull tool for removing malicious software from you Windows based PC or Laptop.  It is recommended to run this every couple of months to ensure that you are safe from threats.

download here


Audacity is software for editing audio files.  It is usefull for cleaning up old audio and mixing audio tracks together.

download here


Inkscape is software for drawing.  It is useful for creating logos and line drawings and allows you to manipulate these in many useful ways.

download here

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