Laptop Repair Hornchurch, Rainham, London Borough of Havering etc.

If your repair enquiry is not specific to a laptop (i.e. problem with Windows / Mac OS) then please see our computer repair page.  This page is specific to laptop repairs.

LCD Replacement

If the screen on your laptop is cracked or otherwise physically damaged then the only solution is to replace it.  The cost of replacing a laptop screen varies significantly by the model of laptop, but is roughly related to its size.  You can expect to pay somewhere in the range of £80 to £140, but please contact us with your model number for an exact quotation.

Not all LCD screen problems are caused by a faulty screen.  Please call us to discuss.

Power Socket Repair / Replacement

One of the most common faults on laptops is damage to the power socket, causing the laptop to no longer power on, or the battery not to charge.  We will attempt a repair or replacement for a fee of £60 on successful completion.

Other Repairs

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