Laptop Recycling Service in Havering


We recycle your unwanted laptops.  Whatever age or condition our recycling service ensures that old laptops are used to their maximum potential with as little environmental damage as possible.

Once donated your laptop will follow this process: -

  1. If possible the laptop is repaired and reconditioned and then either sold to cover the costs of this service or donated to charity.
  2. If repair is not an option the laptop is split into its component parts, which are then sold individually.
  3. Remaining parts are firstly provided to larger rapair organisations.
  4. Finally any parts that are uneconomical to repair are collected by a large-scale specialist recycling organisation who are able to break them down to component materials which can then be reused to build new electronic equipment.

So why is this recycling process more eco-friendly than others?

  • Firstly laptops are collected as part of a large round, no packaging is required at this stage.
  • Where possible all reconditioned parts and machines are, where possible, rehomed or reused locally in order to save transportation costs.
  • When postage is nessesary recycled packaging is always used and packages are delivered to the post office by foot.
  • Every possible component part is recycled.  We guarentee that landfill will only be used where 100% necessary.

Please use the following form to provide us with the information we need to sucessfully collect your laptop for recycling!

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